Photo by Jonathan Hart Photography

MICHAEL DAVID ARES is an entrepreneur and educator who started four community service businesses while writing and editing books for other people on the side. He is now a full-time author, and lives with his family in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Dave (that’s the name he answers to) has always loved noir fiction, especially the Philip Marlowe books by Raymond Chandler, and has had a lot of experience with the dark side of our nature. Many years of community service, the challenges of raising seven children, and his own miserable failures have left him with a pessimistic view of humanity (apart from Divine intervention, that is). He has also enjoyed science fiction with a psychological bent, like the works of Alfred Bester and Philip K. Dick, so it’s no surprise that a neo-noir novel with sci-fi elements would come out of him (see Dayfall).

Among other projects, Dave is currently plotting the planned sequels to Dayfall, which will be set in London, Paris, Berlin, and Moscow, as the sunlight returns to those cities for the first time.